Scouts and colleges are watching and would love to see a highlight video.

San Diego Digital Imagery professionally tapes each game. We film it so that it is wide enough for the coaches and scouts to see all the action, but also close enough that you can enjoy the video and not feel as if you're watching a boring wide shot.

At the start of the video we add a title screen with all your players stats and contact information.
Then you come over and pick out the clips and we will put them in the best order for scouts.

We output 5 dvds and a digital file. The digital file is yours to put on facebook or youtube. If you like, we can upload your video to your youtube account. Everything is only $150 and additional dvds are $5 each. The video ends up to be about 4 to 10 minutes.

Feel free to contact us with any questions:

Peter Stoll


Additional fee if you have SDDI video pick your clips.


DEMO Highlight Video coming soon:



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