When Will the Game be Ready to Stream and Download.
By Monday, every week the video will be online to view.

Can I Order the Season After The Season Begins?
Yes, you can order a whole season any time of the year. Once ordered, you will be able to access all past games.


After The Season, Can I Have A Highlight Video Made For Colleges?
Yep, we make highlight videos every season for players. We have every play on the computer and your son can come over and pick his best plays. Then we will put them together with your name and contact information on a DVD. This costs $150 for 3 DVDs with an extra cost of $5 per DVD. If you buy the season, only $100 for the highlight video.
(If you would like us to find the best clips, it will have an extra fee added.)


I Only Want a Few Games, Do I Have To Buy A Whole Season?
You can buy individual games for $20. Just contact Peter Stoll or go to the "Order Online" Page and order your game today.


Any other questions you may have contact Peter Stoll at 760.535.0493 or email him at sddivideo@gmail.com

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