Contest Entries

We have fun making movies.  Even on our off time, we are coming up with fun projects to challenge ourselves and take our skills to the next level.  Many times we team up with friends to create videos to enter into a contest.

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Blizzcon 2nd Place Winner

Starcraft: Evacuation

Are you a Starcaft fan?  If you are, make sure to check out this video.

Peter wrote, acted, directed and edited this production.
Christin helped with set design and was the cinematographer.

Super Bowl Doritos Contest Entries

Every Entry was written, directed, and edited by Peter and Christin.

Moga Gaming Themed Contest

iPhone vs Android

An entry for a 2013 web based contest with the theme: iPhone users Vs Android Users.
The contest gave 1 week to start and finish after announcing the theme.

Peter wrote this script with our friend Josh (whom is the main actor)
Peter and Christin filmed and edited it.

5 Hour Energy Entries


This Entry focused on an over the top approach.

Produced by Peter

Poolside Twist

The Entery focuced on elegance and fun.

Produced by Christin